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Karuna Prem was born in the hearts of a few compassionate doctors working in the cradle of Missionaries of charity.

The effortless labour put in by Mother Teressa to the cause of so many abandoned souls world over, inspired this small group of doctors to aspire to attain the goal of a world free of suffering.

Though the work started in 1977 but regular camps and work outside the leprosy homes started from 1991 and in 1997 karuna Prem was registered as the NGO with Government of India. In 1980 the leprosy work was started at Prem Nagar leprosy home in Delhi.

The seedling of compassion grew into a tiny plant and the group started organizing camps in the remote areas which were deprived of medical facilities. Now, the work area widened to non leprosy patients also. By 1991, the group had started stepping out of leprosy homes. Eventually, in 1997, a glorious flower bloomed and was named Karuna Prem. The grown up plant was registered as an NGO with the Government of India.

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of the organization are:

  • To serve the poorest of the poor in the remote areas and without the discretion of caste and creed
  • To serve the lepers with almost every ailment, surgery and acupuncture
  • To provide educational grant to uplift the children of lepers
  • To provide relief supplies and medical care at the time of disaster.